My initial price quote will be based on your estimated word count for your manuscript. I always round down to the nearest thousand words. For example, a 95,752-word manuscript would be priced at 95,000 words. If your word count has increased substantially by the time you're ready to submit your manuscript, I may need to adjust the price to reflect the additional time and effort that would be required. That rarely happens, but if it does we'll work out an updated price based on the revised word count. 


A sample of your manuscript may be required to establish the level of effort that would be needed, which does get factored into the price. If you don’t provide a sample and the submitted manuscript will require significantly more time and effort than originally thought, I reserve the right to renegotiate the price. Depending on the work involved and the length of your manuscript, the editing process usually takes between two to six weeks. We will discuss the schedule for your project when we set the price.


To find out more, use the button below and tell me all about your manuscript. Please include information about the genre, word count, and your preferred timing. I'll get back to you within two business days.